Illinois Creative Recovery Grants

As of May 10, 2023 at 11:59pm, the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity is no longer accepting applications to the B2B Arts program.

Thank you to everyone who advocated for this important recovery relief for the creative sector!

Our help desk is still open and available throughout the appeals process to answer any questions.

Through the B2B Arts Grant program, The Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) will distribute a historic $50 million in grant money to assist businesses, nonprofit organizations, and sole proprietors in the creative sector that have suffered losses because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Applications are being accepted by DCEO until May 10 at 11:59pm. Arts Alliance Illinois is here to make sure you have the support and tools needed for a successful grant application. Our help desk is your go-to hub for application support, and we will be hosting regular webinars during the grant application period.

Important Dates

March 21

Grant opportunity is announced

March 27

Arts Alliance help desk goes live

March 30

DCEO informational webinar at 10am

March 31

Arts Alliance informational webinar at 12pm

April 5

First day to submit an application

April 6

DCEO informational webinar at 2pm

April 12

Arts Alliance application walkthrough webinar at 12pm (English)

April 14

Arts Alliance application walkthrough webinar at 12pm (Spanish)

April 19

Arts Alliance Taxes and Accounting Deep-Dive webinar

May 10

Grant portal closes at 11:59pm

What is Arts Alliance's role?

What is Arts Alliance’s involvement in the DCEO Illinois Creative Recovery grants?

Arts Alliance Illinois is serving as a Community Navigator for the Illinois Creative Recovery grants, also referred to as B2B Arts. We are here to provide technical assistance with grant applications and help lead outreach to ensure as many eligible nonprofits, businesses, and sole proprietors throughout Illinois as possible are aware of the grant opportunity.


What technical assistance is available from Arts Alliance?

Arts Alliance is providing webinars throughout the grant process, as well as a help desk that will guide prospective applicants through common questions.

You can also access DCEO’s technical assistance by emailing

What does the help desk offer?

Our help desk is here to answer your questions about the grant opportunity. If our help desk is unable to answer your questions, we are also available for 1:1 virtual assistance. Head to the help desk to get started.

Can Arts Alliance help me determine whether I’m eligible for the grant?

Arts Alliance cannot make any final determinations regarding grant eligibility, but we are happy to walk through the DCEO eligibility guidelines with you and help you determine whether applying makes sense. The Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity will make final determinations about eligibility for any given applicant.


What languages will information be offered in?

Help desk assistance will be available in English and Spanish. Arts Alliance webinars about the DCEO grant opportunity will be presented in English, with Spanish captioning available. Our website content, including promotional materials, will be available in additional languages by the time the portal opens on April 5.


Where can I learn more?

More information about the Illinois Creative Recovery Grant / B2B Arts Program, including an FAQ, eligibility guidelines, and a link to apply, are all available on the official DCEO website.



DCEO Eligibility Guidelines

Outreach Materials

Arts Alliance Illinois is serving as a Community Navigator for the Illinois Creative Recovery/B2B Arts grant opportunity to share information about the grant and provide potential applicants with technical assistance. Arts Alliance Illinois cannot make final determinations regarding eligibility and will not play a role in determining grant awards. For more information about the Illinois Creative Recovery grants, visit the DCEO website.