2022 was a year of new strategies for the creative sector. COVID-19 is still present in every community in Illinois, as are its impacts. The lingering presence of COVID-19 means cultural leaders across the state are continuing to navigate choppy terrain and face new challenges. But these organizations, businesses, and individual artists are not just acclimating to a new normal; they’re actively shaping it. This year at Arts Alliance, we prioritized the immediate needs of the creative community while laying the groundwork for a better arts future.

needed relief for the arts



won for the creative sector in Illinois, the largest arts funding allocation in state history.


won for the creative sector in Cook County, an unprecedented commitment for Chicago and surrounding communities.

Weaving together
art and community


Laying groundwork
for a better arts future


  • Collaborated with over 500 arts professionals throughout the state about their needs to orient our approach to 2023 legislative strategy.
  • Deepened our research partnerships with the University of Illinois to better understand the cultural assets and workforce of our state and advance our advocacy and policy work.
  • Partnered with the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity to explore workforce development opportunities for artists and other creative workers.
  • Supported two networks of national advocates to stay aligned with arts communities across the United States.

What’s next?

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