Looking Forward for the Alliance

Dec 22, 2020

While we are happy to say “good riddance” to 2020, we are still facing the twin pandemics of COVID-19 and structural racism. As we move into 2021, Arts Alliance continues to evolve to serve the needs of the arts field in more equitable, creative, and impactful ways. 

In particular, we’re excited to announce that we are hiring a Director of Community Organizing who will spearhead our collective action & membership engagement efforts in the creative sector. We are seeking someone committed to racial equity, with great relationship-building skills who is excited to help shape the Alliance’s policy agenda and priorities through community-driven systems and change efforts. Learn more here

This role will help expand our advocacy work through new community engagement processes for policy development. It will also help us to center long-marginalized voices and launch more targeted campaigns at all levels of government to shape what the COVID recovery looks like for the arts and culture sector. 

We’re also launching a state-wide Anti-Racism Learning Group for the arts. The arts must be part of the solution, or at best we are complicit. Participants will learn basic vocabulary and frameworks for understanding anti-racism, acquire tools and skills for advancing organizational change, learn about emerging anti-racist practices in the arts and culture sector, and build a network of peer support and accountability. Sign up here.

We will be welcoming State Matters as a program of the Alliance, integrating their work into our own advocacy work and hiring artists to create dynamic civic engagement and civic education experiences and content. 

The Arts for Illinois Relief Fund will continue to distribute funds to the creative sector as they become available from state and local governments. Additionally, a number of new partners and government agencies will help us develop new employment opportunities, funding opportunities, and other forms of relief and recovery.

Thank you to all the members, donors, stakeholders, and advocates who’ve been with us this year. For those who are just joining us now, welcome. We are excited to move forward with all of you and build a better future together. 

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